Residential Construction in Jackson

Rich Wright Construction. is the leading residential construction firm in the area. We partner with our clients to design and build custom homes that stand apart for their architectural beauty, energy efficiency, and function.

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First-Choice Custom Home Builders

Our over-arching goal as a design-build firm is to walk you through every stage of the construction process, from conception to completion, with ease. As a large multi-talented, cohesive team, we excel at collaborating between departments, our clients, and all stakeholders to build visions from the ground up.

Some of the stages we will assist you with include:

  • Blueprint design
  • Material selections
  • Financing and budgeting
  • Building permits
  • Site inspections
  • Excavation work

Building a home from scratch is a significant undertaking that demands exceptional organization, diligence, and resources. We are here to provide you with all the above—plus our signature world-class customer service—so that your experience is fun and stress-free.

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New Construction Homes: Our Process

The defining characteristic of our approach to home building is our commitment to your satisfaction. You are the homeowner-to-be. Your home must satisfy all your criteria for a picture-perfect, idyllic house.

We’ll ensure that every square foot of your new residence gets your sign-off of approval. Each room will boast your hand-picked features and amenities. Every floor will be tailored to facilitate your day-to-day lifestyle.

Not only will your home be fully customized, but so will your experience with our team. We aim to please at every turn. As your general contracting team, we will be readily available when you need us, highly communicative, and extraordinarily helpful from beginning to end.


We boast long track record of success in the local industry, and our seasoned staff has carried us through the whole way. We believe that the key to a successful new build is not one skilled general contractor, not a handful, but a fully-fledged crew.

Our employees are all licensed, insured, and experienced professionals who share superior standards for craftsmanship. We hold diverse skillsets: we are designers, excavators, framers, electricians, and so much more. As an assembly of local tradespeople continually striving for excellence, it’s no wonder we’re the first-choice home builders in town.

New Home Blueprint Creation

We craft blueprints that perfectly balance function and form. We offer a wide selection of in-house floor plans that can be fine-tuned and modified to your liking. Or, we also can work together to create a new blueprint straight from your creative eye.

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Rich Wright Construction. is Jackson’s full-service custom home builder. We boast all the skills and resources you need for a time-efficient, budget-conscious construction process. No idea is too big or far-fetched. Our job as your general contractor is to take your dreams and fashion a home out of them.

You bring the vision. We’ll build it. Schedule a risk-free consultation with us today.